Hello and thank you for visiting my website. 

What is "Fund A Project" about?

In simplest terms, this is much like "crowd-funding" or "crowd-sourcing" to launch a goal or achieve an objective.

My objective is to raise funds to create a body of work that can aid NGO's, non-profits, science research, and even 'select' small businesses that need help with digital media.

Select  Interests

Climate | Water Resources | Immigration | Health Care | Mental Health | Minimum Wage-to-Cost of Living Disparity | Homeless Veterans | Healthcare for Veterans | Technology | Aerospace | Start-Up Companies | Businesses affected by the pandemic.

How Can You Help?

All funding donations are welcome. Every dollar counts and when you donate, you will be added to our mail list that will keep you up to date on special-projects, including funding that has been raised. Funding goal must be met before any project can begin.

2023 Project Funding Goal: $10,000

Funding Date by: December 31, 2023

Project Topic:  Open - This means it's open to any given topic mentioned above. I am very much passionate about all the topics mentioned but I want to leave it up to you all, to be the voice that tells me what you are most compassionate about.  

Donations that exceed $2,500, please call or send an e-mail to to discuss how you want these funds to serve the community.