The Artnium Project (October 11 - 13, 2019)

Address: The Atrium 916 - Sustainable Art, Tech & Events / 7300 Folsom Blvd, Sacramento, CA 95826

Featured work by Ryan Angel Meza:

"John on J"

"Kiefer Landfill"


“View+Think+Solve!” is a project that aims to create a place where artists, non-profit advocates, and the community at large can come together and converge over art and issues local to Sacramento Metro Area. We believe that with the help of advocates, artists, and community supporters like yourself we can bring awareness and resources to problems local to Sacramento area. 

  • We want to invite people to come and View the art that focuses on issues local to Sacramento Metro Area. Nothing jolts the mind better than art with a strong visual message!
  • We will have speakers (local non-profits and advocates) who will provide information on their efforts in Sacramento Area to help us Think and generate new ideas on how we can address these issues.
  • After the viewing and the discussions we will collect new ideas (attendees will have a chance to deposit written notes into collection units available during the exhibition) and share them with the policy makers and non-profits in Sacramento helping them Solve these issues via community collaboration and support. 
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