Fei Fei Lin Artist Feature Video

Featured: Fei Fei Lin 

Director/DP: Ryan Angel Meza 

Camera Operator: David Wilson II 

First Assistant/BTS Photos: Justin Sotelo

As video becomes ever more prevalent in what we consume (via streaming platforms and social media), I got the itch to shoot a video but wanted to simulate a challenge (24-hour film challenge vibe) to myself and collaborators of making it in a short amount of time. 

For preparation, I compiled a quick pitch deck which drew inspiration from sources provided by “Shot Deck” and “Dior” commercials.  On the day of the shoot, we literally had 2.5 hours of shoot time which isn’t a lot considering we’ve never been to the location for pre-scout (as mentioned I wanted to simulate a film-challenge). Additionally, we didn’t use any artificial lights for this and solely relied on what was available which was natural-light coming from the windows that ran along the roofline.

Ryan Angel Meza (Director) and David Wilson II (Camera Operator) review potential shot opportunities before calling on the talent for "action." Photo by Justin Sotelo.

 In this scene, Ryan directs Lin in order to capture "detailed-shots"--embracing a necklace that was given by her late boyfriend, Chris Jarosz (restaurant owner of Broderick Roadhouse and Anonimo Pizza). Photo by Justin Sotelo.

Here is an alternate video cut for social media. Text overlay was later added to promote featured local artists for the event "Sacramento Open Studios Tour" hosted by Verge Center for the Arts. 

Featured: Fei Fei Lin

Photo by: Ryan Angel Meza for Sacramento Magazine, June 2021.

Fei Fei Lin prepares the studio space for the  18th Annual Sacramento Open Studios Tour held in September 2023 presented by Verge Center for the Arts. 

Photo by  Justin Sotelo.

Portrait of Fei Fei Lin by Ryan Angel Meza.

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